March 27, 2017

Monday’s WOD:Tomorrow is OFFICIALLY the last day of the 2017 CrossFit Open. You have until 6pm to submit your scores. If you haven’t done the workout yet, or would like another attempt at it, I will be available all day to help you get through it! Since it has potential to be a longer workout, I may need some help with judging in the afternoon.
The workout of the day IS a 5k…this is a popular benchmark workout, and is posted on the main site A LOT!
This is the first time I have programmed it by itself. Usually I like to program it with other movements, but to keep things simple and open tomorrow for those who still need to do 17.5, this was a good solution!
If the 5k doesn’t seem appealing, and you haven’t done 17.5 yet, you can do that instead! If the 5k doesn’t seem appealing, and you have already done 17.5, you can choose a make up workout that you might have missed from last week.
If you plan on running, feel free to wear good shoes, and feel free to bring headphones and music, as well as water to run with if needed!