Saturday’s WOD:

Flashback Friday!
Today is a more low key day at the gym, and of course there is a method to that madness. Consider it the calm before the Saturday storm! Tomorrow (Saturday) we are throwing down the hero WOD “Clovis”. Last year we did it per Michael Horner‘s request, and this year I offered to do it again as a belated birthday workout/re-test! There was a great turnout last year, and even though it looks daunting, there will be plenty of scaling options! I am planning on showing up to the gym a bit earlier in the morning if anyone wants to get started before the outside temps get too hot! The class times will blend together, and you can plan on showing up, warming up on your own, and starting your workout on your own accord. If you have a GPS device, you can map your own run courses, if not, I would advise using our 1 mile course as it will allow you to stay close to the gym if you need to pit stop. Wear sunscreen and bring plenty of water for yourself. The earliest start time for people can be 845am, but I do not want anyone to start any later than 1045am! Of course, every party has a pooper, so if you would rather come and treat the morning as open gym and do something different, I will allow that too! I am planning on everyone being finished by 1245pm or 1pm at the latest.

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