Clovis 2015

Don’t by fooled by all of the rain this evening…temps are supposed to reach 93 degrees by 1pm tomorrow! Make sure you drink plenty of water tonight, and have a plan for hydration tomorrow. Many of you have asked me about how you should prepare for tomorrow, or have expressed concern with what to eat or drink prior to the workout. My honest opinion would be that it is NOT ideal to try something new or experiment with any new food or drink before tomorrow. Just do what you would normally do prior to working out, but come prepared with “just in case” items…extra water, maybe a snack for during or after, or some cash to run over to 7-11 for whatever else you might need! Tonight and tomorrow is not the time to try and do anything that your body is not used to! I will be at the gym tomorrow by 830 so yall can start shortly after! Like I said, show and go style! Warm up on your own, map out a course if you want, and kick it! Remember, even though we talk about how hard and miserable workouts like this may be, it is still a hero workout, and it represents an individual who gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country. That is predominantly what this workout is for tomorrow. Come into it with a positive attitude, and challenge yourself to do something you have never done before! 

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