I have made it a gym tradition over the years that on every Valentine’s Day, we do the benchmark workout “Fran” 
This tradition will remain for my members, but for myself I have dubbed this month “Fran-uary”.
The female benchmark workout “Fran” is one of the more notable CrossFit benchmarks, and is also one of the most feared. In the world of CrossFit, asking someone “What’s your fran time?” is like the globo gym equivalent of asking a bro, “How much can you bench?”…It is a staple of CrossFit, and every CrossFit member will encounter “Fran” at least once.
The workout is timed workout (performed as fast as possible) that consists of:

21 Thrusters at 95lbs

21 Pull Ups

15 Thrusters at 95lbs

15 Pull Ups

9 Thrusters at 95lbs

9 Pull Ups
A thruster is performed with a barbell, and involves a full depth front squat that leads immediately into an overhead press. The movement must be conducted in one fluid motion.
The pull ups are generally performed with a kip (for speed) and the requirement is full extension of the elbow in the bottom, and chin breaking the plane of the pull up bar at the top. 
There are 45 reps of each movement, and 90 reps total. 
Some of the fastest “Fran” times in the world are 2 minutes or faster, and I will be doing different variations of Fran every Tuesday this month to pledge for donations for a specific cause.
The funds raised will go to my sister’s employer, Childsafe, which is a non-profit organization.
ChildSafe is Northern Colorado’s only comprehensive outpatient treatment program for child and adult victims of childhood abuse, particularly child sexual abuse, and their non-offending family members. 
As a non-profit organization they don’t discriminate, and never turn away families because they lack financial resources.
Their services are partially funded through medical insurance, self-pay, and Victim Compensation. Grants, special events and individual donations help fund our sliding scale. 
They increasingly rely on outside sources of funding as the number of individuals needing their help continues to grow. So far, the community hasn’t let them down in supporting their mission, and this is another opportunity to do so! 
For the donations I thought it would be cool for people to donate in increments that relate to the workout:

$21, $15, or $9. If someone wants to go big and donate $45 or $90 for the rep count, that would be awesome as well! 
More information and updates will follow, but since tonight is the first Tuesday of Feb, I did “Fran” straight up, and got myself a new PR! 
Check Out The GoFundme page to donate!


Alyssa Ritchey Gymnastics Seminar

Next Saturday at Wild Horizons CrossFit 4 time regional athlete and 2 time grid competitor Alyssa Ritchey will conduct her gymnastics seminar from 10am-2pm.
Message me on Facebook or by email at garciara2@gmail.com for details on pricing!
We have about 8/15 spots left! There are discounts if you bring a friend!
This is a great seminar that will help propel your current abilities to further improvements in preparation for the 2017 CrossFit Open!
All ability levels are welcome!

Ladies Only Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

Reminder: A new ladies only challenge starts tomorrow!
The challenge takes place from Jan 16th through Feb 24th. The classes will take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ay 7am and 715pm.
During this time, the 7am time slot on MWF will be OPEN GYM for my regular members, and the 715pm open gym will remain unchanged.
Tuesday and Thursday will remain a regular class at 7am.
The challenge will run through Friday, February 24th.
I have partnered with Max Muscle for this challenge, and they are offering personalized diet templates at a great rate!
If you are currently a member, have done a challenge in the past, or are participating in this challenge, they will make you a diet plan for $85.
If you are not a member, or are not doing the gym portion of the challenge, they will make you a plan for $100!
Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this great offer!
Contact Ryan Garcia if you are interested in the gym portion, or contact Max Muscle at nutrition@maxmuscleloveland.com if you are interested in the diet portion and they will schedule you an appointment!
Lady's Challenge.jpg


This Saturday there is only ONE class at 9AM!

CrossFit Miramont is hosting an Olympic Weightlifting Competition that day.

We have a couple of athletes participating, and I will be there to help with the event.

There will be open gym following the class at 10am, and open gym on Sunday is the regular time from 9am-11am.

The event is open to the public if you would like to come be a spectator!


January 5, 2017

Thursday’s WOD:We are lifting weights today! 
Choose One:
“CrossFit Total”

1RM Back Squat

1RM Strict Press

1RM Deadlift
“Powerlifting Total”

1RM Back Squat

1RM Bench Press

1RM Deadlift
“CrossFit Football Total”

1RM Power Clean

1RM Back Squat

1RM Bench Press

1RM Deadlift
“The Outlaw Total”

1RM Snatch

1RM Clean and Jerk

3RM Front Squat
“The Other Total”

1RM Clean

1RM Bench Press


Thick as peanut butter…

Supposed impending snow doom is on the radar this afternoon/evening…but I have no where else to be! 
The gym is open and classes are on as scheduled! 
However, I don’t know how the roads are looking, so if you aren’t comfortable driving, don’t worry about taking a risk if they are bad. 
If you do come in, just drive safely and bundle up so you have warm stuff to put on post WOD!
Tomorrow we are hitting totals…it is supposed to snow through the night and into the morning, but again, I will be here, and it is always fun to lift heavy, but there is something about a snowy day that makes said heavy lifting more fun!