Here are the details for the 3rd annual Battle Buddies competition!
The address of the gym is 2160 West Drake Road, Unit A1-2 Fort Collins, CO 80526
If you are using a GPS, that address will try and take you to the Safeway gas station which is on the opposite end of the plaza from where we are actually located. Please see the attached map for reference.
There is plenty of parking in the plaza. It is not mandatory, but if you can try and avoid the parking spaces immediately in front of the other shops, that would be awesome. (Just trying to be a good neighbor).
The doors open at 0730am, and athlete check in is at 0830am. Nothing fancy for the check in, I will just need you to sign a waiver if you have never been to my gym before.
The opening address will be at 0845, along with the playing of the National Anthem.
At 0850 Heat 1 athletes may occupy their lanes and begin preparing. There will be built in warm up time before each event, as well as resources on the side that can assist in warming up from event to event.
The heat times are listed below. Please contact me if there are any discrepancies.
Events 1A and 1B, and 2A and 2B will run simultaneously. So make sure and take not of the times for your respective events!
Event 3 will run conga line style separated by 7 min waves.
Please take the time to review the videos and movements standards originally posted in the Battle Buddies link:
Below are some of the heavy hitting rules and details I would like to clarify:
*Deadlifts are conventional. No Sumo Deadlifts, and no straps allowed.
*Snatches must be from the ground to overhead in one motion. Hang snatches are NOT allowed. Power snatches, split snatches, and full snatches with a squat ARE allowed. The bar may not touch the athlete’s chest or shoulders on the way up.
*For events 2A and 2B athletes may split the reps up however they want! There is no minimum work requirement.
*In the final event the front squat weight is cleaned from the floor.
*Almost all of the events are scored as stand alone events as a way to help break potential ties. For example, the deadlift is scored separately, the snatch event is scored separately, the 1000m row time is a score, the number of double unders is a score, the men’s AMRAP is obviously a score for rounds and reps, the 50 cal row for the ladies is for time, and is a score, the number of stone to shoulder reps is a score, and the final team time is a score. All of those scores will be added up to determine the winning team. Low score wins.
Please contact me if you have any questions!
See y’all Saturday!
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