Awww yeah! Good thing we rowed 80 cals last week and 75 cals today!!! Y’all should be well prepared!

The way this is going to work is we will have our usual shorter “Choose Your Own Adventure” style workout for tomorrow (Friday). As usual, if you want to do the open workout at some point during the day, I will be happy to accommodate you.

We have our Battle Buddies event on Saturday morning from 9am-12pm so we WILL NOT be doing the open workout on Saturday morning. If you are bored and have nothing to do, come on by and help out, I will need some help with judging!

I will be in on Sunday morning for Open Gym between 9am-11am for anyone that wants to come and do it then, but 20.5 WILL BE THE WORKOUT OF THE DAY ON MONDAY!

The workout is 20 minutes long, and for some classes depending on the size we may have to go in 2 heats. This is no big deal, just be aware that you may be asked to help with judging or counting reps to help out.

We will discuss this more in depth on the day of, but again, plan on 20.5 as the workout of the day on Monday!