New Horizons

Hey grasshoppas, first off I would like to apologize for the seemingly unexpected nature of this announcement.

I would say about 70% of my athletes had heard rumors or talk of us moving, while a good portion of my population knew nothing of it.

I apologize for that, but I had the best interest of you all in mind as I didn’t want to illicit a response of panic if people knew we were in a situation where we had to move, but had no where to go…which was exactly the situation we found ourselves in until only about 24 hours ago…we had no where to land before that.

My lease at the current space is up, and my landlord is moving in to run his business. There was no option to extend here.

I have been searching for a new space since January, all while knowing August 31st (our end date) would come very quickly.

Deal after deal was shot down, and potential spaces had so much fine print and specific stipulations to get in, that finding a place to call home was looking very grim. Finally, I was able to find a realtor with my best interests in mind, and together we were able to work a pretty sweet deal that I think you all will like.

Our new location is in the Drake Crossing Center at the intersection of Drake and Taft. Unfortunately we DID NOT get the space there that I wanted, instead, we got the space next door to it. It is 300 square feet larger than our current location, and has good floor space to suit our needs. It is a large open rectangle space, with high ceilings. It has 4 bathrooms, a kitchen, a lounge area, and a whole lot of potential to make for a great space! I will release the exact address and pictures in due time!

I signed the lease papers tonight, but we are not allowed to move in until MONDAY afternoon. So here is my timeline:

Saturday: There is ONE class at 9am…we will be doing the Hotshots Hero WOD…I feel it is fitting that our last workout in this space is a hero one!

After the class (we should be finished around 10-1030 with the workout) on Saturday I would love all of the help I could get in dismantling the gym and consolidating all of the equipment. I will have a Uhaul in which I would like most of the larger equipment to be stored until Monday. As for some of the smaller equipment that I might not want in the Uhaul, one of my athletes that lives near the new space has offered his garage as a storage space in the meantime. (Thanks Luke!) So if anyone has access to tools, and or a pick up truck/trailer that we can use to assist with dismantling, loading, and hauling equipment that would be much appreciated! I will also need help with a general clean up/tidy up of the gym once everything is out or loaded up. There really isn’t much to load, but those who have helped load and unload before know how cumbersome and tiresome those stall mats can be! Any and all help will gladly accepted and greatly appreciated!

I will have mats down in the new space by the end of the day on Monday, and we will be running regularly scheduled classes on Tuesday, September 2nd.

Needless to say there will be NO open gym on Sunday, and NO classes on Monday. If you are free to help with some unloading on Monday afternoon/evening that will be greatly appreciated as well!

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding as I make this transition. I understand location is a significant part of choosing a gym to call home. If you have any concerns about the new location, please do not hesitate to bring those to my attention, and we can figure something out together!

Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to the continued growth and development that you all have inspired!

See you all tomorrow!

-Coach G

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