Area Details and Parking

Here is the map of the area for tomorrow. The address is 1606 South Lemay avenue, but that is the address for the entire complex. We are located in the complex that is on the south east corner of Lemay and Prospect. Your best landmark is the 7-11 that is on the corner of Lemay and Prospect. If you go to the 7-11 your best landmark is the Sunsation Tanning storefront sign. We are the unit tucked back in the corner. The areas in on the map in GREEN are all good places to park. The areas in YELLOW you can use as a LAST RESORT, but I am trying to be a good neighbor and not hog all of the parking for the businesses around me. The areas in RED I would not advise parking in, as those are high traffic areas, and people might get upset! Notice the are in green that is to the east of us, that is the overflow parking dirt lot that is in between us and the Fort Collins Club. You may park in the dirt lot but DO NOT park in the Fort Collins Club parking lot. The blue box is our gym (WHCF) feel free to contact me if you need more help finding the place. I can be reached at 970-691-2309.


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