Pounds For Pups – 2018


Alright! Here are the heat times for Saturday:

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I am sending this to the “Team Captains” who I contacted directly, or those who came and registered with me. I trust you will help circulate it to your team members, or help me by tagging them in the posts on Facebook and Instagram or sharing the link of my website with all of the information.

Pounds For Pups – 2018

The doors will open Saturday morning at 8am.

I will have a basic waiver on hand for everyone to sign upon arrival.

The address is 2160 West Drake Road Unit A1-2

If you put that address in a GPS, it will attempt to take you to the Safeway Gas Station which is on the opposite end of the plaza from where the gym is located. Please refer to the attached overhead map. There is plenty of parking available in the front, and can overflow into the Safeway lot if needed.

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Adoptable dogs from Animal House will be on site from 9am-12pm.

Opening address and National Anthem @ 0920am

First Heat Starts At 0930am

There will be an area to hang out and do basic stretching, but there is plenty of warm up time built into the event.

For example, the first heat starts at 930am, that means the teams in that heat will start their 10 Min warm up at that time, but their timed judging won’t start until 940am.

The order of the lifts will be Snatch, Clean and Jerk, then Front Squat.

Once the 10 minute warm up time is up, there will be an allotted 10 min time for the snatch, then 10 minutes for the clean and jerk, then 10 minutes for the front squats. Teams may work ahead of the time, but may not fall behind the allotted 10 minutes for each respective lift.

No lifts will be officially judged during the warm up time, but the athlete snatching may warm up as heavy as they like in advance so when their 10 min time starts, they are already close to a max.

At the end of the last 10 minute interval, there will be a 10 minute RESET time where teams will organize their stations, move off the platforms, and that will allow for other teams to move in and begin setting up and standby for their warm up time to begin. So essentially teams will have 20 mins in their lanes before their 30 minutes of judged lifting time begins.

Make sure and review the lifting videos from the Pounds For Pups website.

Similarly to the CrossFit Open, judges will be enforcing range of motion, NOT technique.

A couple of quick points:

*Hang variations of the snatch and clean are not allowed, but any other version is fair game (Power, Full, Split). Any Jerk variation is ok as well, and press outs are ok, but athletes must fully show control after every lift before dropping the weight.

*If at any time a knee touches the ground on a snatch, clean, jerk, or front squat, that is a NO LIFT and the lifter must re-attempt.

*For the front squats, as long as the bar is across the  front of the shoulders, any hand placement is allowed so long as proper range of motion for all 3 reps is legitimate, and the lifter demonstrates control after every rep.

*There is no limit to the number of attempts a lifter can make as long as it is within the allotted interval time for that lift.

*The last heat will end at approximately 130pm, and awards and raffle drawings will commence shortly after!

*If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me via email at wildhorizonscf@gmail.com or by text at 970-691-2309

Wild Horizons CrossFit presents a charity fundraiser competition benefiting Animal House Rescue and Grooming in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Saturday, October 13th, 2018


The first heat starts at 10am.

9am-10am will be specifically allotted for social time with Animal House and their adoptable dogs who will be on site from approximately 9am-12pm, depending on their ability to provide volunteers, as well as other factors such as heat, and attitude of the dogs.


Wild Horizons CrossFit

2160 West Drake Road Unit A1-2

Fort Collins, CO 80526


Competition Details:

In teams of 3 (Male Division/Female Division) each team will submit a score for


First off, shout out to Rudy Nielsen from The Outlaw Way. He came through for a seminar at my gym 3 years ago, and I have always been a big fan of his coaching and programming. 

As written, the original Outlaw Total consists of the following:

1RM Snatch

1RM Clean and Jerk

3RM Front Squat

10 Min AMRAP of “Cindy”

At the beginning of the year my gym has a max out day where I give my members the option to do any of the “Totals” associated with lifting and CrossFit.

(The CrossFit Total, The Powerlifting Total, The Football Total, The Outlaw Total, and The Other Total). 

For the sake of keeping it purely lifting, I allow almost any variation of Snatch and Clean and Jerk, and we omit the 10 Min AMRAP of Cindy. 

For 2018 Pounds For Pups, we will take a similar approach.

This year Pounds For Pups will be TEAMS OF 3 – There will be a male and female division. 

Each individual on the team will be responsible for completing ONE of the three lifts.

The order of the lifts will be:


Clean and Jerk

3 Rep Max Front Squat

The format from previous years will apply to this event as well.

There will be a 10 min warm up:

During this warm up, whoever is doing the snatches can warm up as close to their desired 1RM as they want. 

At 3..2…1 Go, they will have 10 more minutes to establish their 1RM. There is no limit on the number of attempts they can make. 

Once they have established their heaviest Snatch, the team can move on to the Clean and Jerk. 


The next athlete will have their 10 min window, or extra time to do their clean and jerk max, and then the final lifter will have the remaining time to establish a 3RM Front Squat.

Again, there is no limit to the number of attempts that can be made, as long as all attempts happen within the allotted time slots for each lift. 

Each heat will be 40 mins long, with a 10 minute break to set up and organize each station in between heats. 

Rules, standards, and demos for each lift are as follows:


As long as the bar moves from the floor to overhead ANY style of snatch is permitted. Power, Full, or Split. HANG SNATCHES OF ANY VARIATION WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.

Press outs will not be no-repped as long as the bar does not make contact with the athlete’s head. Straps will not be allowed, but wrist wraps are ok.



Clean and Jerk:

Similar to the Snatch, any clean variation is fine as long as the bar moves from the floor to the shoulders (Power Clean, Full Clean, or Split Clean). The Jerk can also be any variation of Jerk (Push, Power, Split, or Squat). CLEAN VARIATIONS FROM THE HANG ARE NOT ALLOWED. Straps are not allowed, but wrist wraps are ok. Press outs on the jerks will not be counted as no reps, as long as the athlete stands up and demonstrates full control of the bar before dropping, the lift will be good. 



3 Rep Max Front Squat

The bar will be taken out of the rack for the Front Squats. The athlete must perform 3 unbroken reps for their heaviest triple. All reps must be below parallel. Belts, wraps, and knee sleeves are allowed for all of the lifts. 


The team score will be the combined totals lifted in an allotted time.


Cost is $45 per team.

There will also be an in house raffle on the day of the event.

In order to purchase a raffle ticket, you must make a donation to the Animal House website with the link provided below, and present a receipt with the DATE and the AMOUNT of the donation to redeem your tickets.

Donations can be made starting TODAY (SEPT 20th) through the date of the event Oct 14th. Raffle tickets will not be given without proof of receipt for donations made.

Print outs or screen shots of receipts can be emailed in advance, or brought in the day of. 

Raffle tickets will be 1 for $1, so if you donate $100, you will receive 100 raffle tickets!

More details on sponsors and raffle items will be announced in the upcoming weeks, so feel free to start making those donations, and put “Pounds For Pups 2018” in the subject line! 



All teams will pay $45 to participate, but in an effort to attract more donations, individual teams may elect to find a business or entity to sponsor them for the competition.

This provides teams with the opportunity to be resourceful with family, friends, businesses, and other interested third parties.

A sponsorship can come in the form of covering the registration fee for the team, or for pledging to donate a monetary amount for total weight lifted for that team.

If you know of, or are a business that is interested in donating, there are several options available in which to do so:

*Sponsor a team by covering their registration fee, or donate a fixed amount that exceeds that of the registration fee.

*Pledge to donate a monetary denomination for every pound lifted by a team.

(Last year we did .05, .10, .25, and .50 cents a pound)

*Pay for booth space and/or logo placement at the event.

*Donate prizes/product for the goodie bags, raffle, or top teams.


Only ONE athlete from each team needs to register.

2018 Pounds For Pups Team Registration

Registration fee for a Pounds For Pups Team


Be sure and have a team name ready as well!

The more dog themed, the better! 

For any inquiries or concerns please contact:

Ryan Garcia