Belated Birthday

I got my chance this evening for a good old fashioned hazing session.

It was self inflicted, so don’t feel too bad for me.

With my Battle Buddies event and the 20.5 CrossFit Open workout, I didn’t get to do my traditional Marine Birthday tribute workout.

Each year I have raised the bar with workouts and challenges to pay my respects not only to my service, but to those who served before me, and those who do and will continue to serve after me.

I played around with the idea of a 1 mile tire flip with my heaviest tire…but that turned out to be a bit over zealous.

I went back to the drawing board and came up with something different that I haven’t tried to this extreme before.

A 2.44 mile farmer carry with 244# (122# in each hand by way of farmer carry handles).

Established November 10, 1775, the 244 represents the “age” for this year’s Marine Corps birthday.

Not only was this task mentally grueling, it took literally every ounce of strength and muscle tension I could muster. My arms are currently worthless, my quads are stiff, and my shins hurt from trying to run/waddle with 244#

In spite of the inevitable soreness creeping in, my heart is happy, and I am content.

The Marine Corps was what I needed early in my life, and I am thankful for what I was able to take away from my service.

I am also grateful for the opportunity as a gym owner to continue to serve the men and women in my community who are currently serving or have served as well.

As we bring an end to 2019, my quest for sponsors continues. In order to keep my gym free for veterans I need your help! Follow the link below to sponsor a veteran membership, or contact me to learn about other sponsorship opportunities!