March 7, 2019 – Flex Friday

Happy Birthday, Katie!

Alright Grasshoppas!

As we approach 19.3, I have to make some changes for our “game day” format this week and next week.

Some of you might remember the DEA Maltz Challenge from last year.

I am hosting that workout THIS Saturday at 1030am. This means any potential Open action on Saturday morning will need to be done by 10am.

In order to ensure I am offering ample opportunities for everyone to do the workout, I am CANCELLING FRIDAY AFTERNOON CLASSES, and in turn offering an impromptu afternoon event! I am calling it “Flex Friday” mainly because I appreciate y’all being flexible with this schedule change, AND because y’all can come flex a little competitive Open muscle in the evening for a change!

Friday morning classes (515am, 6am, 9am, and 12pm) will be the regular workout of the day.

(Unless you need to come do the workout in the morning, I will be available to help you get through it as needed).

Upon returning to the gym Friday afternoon at 3pm, we will begin to roll heats for whatever 19.3 is.

My plan is to run heats from 330-630pm or so.

A lot of other gyms have been doing formats like this during the Open for a while now, and many gyms refer to it as “Friday Night Lights”.

I love the Saturday morning “game day” vibe we traditionally have, so this will potentially be different than that, but I am hoping the energy and participation is still on point.

Depending on what the workout is, I will have a heat sheet out Thursday evening so people have time to sign up for a Friday heat in advance.

The goal is to run heats, have a crowd, pump some tunes, and hit the workout at the gym, and then after the final heat migrate to Intersect Brewery next door to celebrate Big Mike’s birthday.

We got Chipotle to cater, and of course Intersect has the post workout “shakes” (if you are of age, of course).

Anyone is welcome to attend the event whether or not you signed up for the Open, and anyone is welcome to attend the post workout gathering whether or not you participate in the workout on Friday.

Depending on what 19.3 is, I will still offer morning time slots for Saturday, but the Open action will need to be done by 10am. So the Saturday heats will be early, and potentially limited. It all depends on what 19.3 brings. Friday afternoon is meant to be the main event this week and next week.

I will post more details after the reveal tomorrow.