Flex Friday Heat Sheet


Talk about some curve balls!

If you missed the announcement, go to games.crossfit.com and check it out!

Here is what you need to know for the format tomorrow:

The morning classes at 515am, 6am, 9am, and 12pm will be regular classes with a regular workout of the day.

If you need to come at some point in the MORNING to get your 19.3 attempt in, I will make myself available to get you taken care of.

The afternoon class times are pretty much non-existent tomorrow, and in their place I have heat times. ANYONE can sign up for a heat time, whether or not you signed up for the Open.

ANYONE can come tomorrow during the block in which I am running heats. Whether or not you signed up for the open, you can still show up during the times, try 19.3, or do the workout of the day. I will make it work.

As usual, I will need judging help during the evening, so anyone available that can come hang out a bit and judge would be much appreciated!

It is a 10 minute workout, and I left plenty of time in between heats for people to set up, and experiment with everything in the workout before they throw down.

The designated heat times for Friday are between 345pm and 640pm. Come hang out, support your fellow athletes, and AFTERWARDS we will migrate over to Intersect Brewing to celebrate Big Mike’s birthday. Chipotle is catering, and of course Intersect can provide the post workout recovery “shakes” for those of age!

To prevent confusion, I only have the Friday heat sheet out, but will have a Saturday heat sheet as well for those who will need to come Saturday morning. Remember, the heat times on Saturday will be early AND limited!