Veterans Day!

“If we’re helping them [train] then we’re essentially helping the military grow stronger, and we don’t want to do that,” he said. “I make no exceptions. Once you become part of the system, we are not interested in serving you.” These are words spoken last year by a gym owner in Atlanta, (who shall remain nameless) that ultimately ignited my pursuit to make my gym as supportive of military and first responders as I can.

As a former Marine I regularly receive gratitude for my service, but no longer active in military service, I feel it is a privilege to return the appreciation and serve those who served before me, served with me, and will continue to serve after me.

I feel that I am in a unique position where I can use my gym as a platform to raise awareness for, and support causes that significantly resonate with me.

Last year I used the Battle Buddies event to announce that through Project L.O.D. my gym would be free to honorably discharged Veterans. In order to do that, I rely heavily on the support of outside sponsors and donors. NoCo Mechanical, Max Muscle, FitAid, Bang Energy, Los Tarascos, La Buena Vida, Dr. Witt, and Touching The Mind have all been tremendous in supporting me, my athletes, my gym, and this initiative.

Check out the link in the bio for more information if you want to share and see how you can contribute.

Today is a special day, be sure and thank a veteran for their service!

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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