Project LOD


LOD: (Pronounced L.O.D.) Also known as the “Line Of Departure”, is a military term for the starting line a military force is ordered to cross at a certain time to coordinate an attack on enemy positions.

While veterans may no longer face the actual rigors of wartime, the physical and mental adjustments and transitions into “civilian life” may prove to be just as daunting.


One of the more significant lapses in a veteran’s transition from service to civilian lies within maintaining a standard of physical fitness. While there are some who remain motivated enough to take care of themselves, the vast majority find themselves falling into bad habits, lacking motivation to remain consistent, or sadly, not being able to afford a gym membership.

These new “enemies” have the potential to degrade not only the physical health, but also the mental health of our veterans and service men and women.

Through Project LOD, Wild Horizons CrossFit is proud to be the forefront of functional fitness for America’s Bravest!


Project LOD is a sponsorship program established by Ryan Garcia, the owner of Wild Horizons CrossFit in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Ryan is a Marine Corps Veteran with 5 years of active duty service, and 7 years of inactive-reserve service.


As a CrossFit gym owner, Ryan has particular interest in providing his services for active military members, reserve military members, and most significantly, honorably discharged retired veterans.

Ryan currently offers a discounted rate of $100 a month for veterans for unlimited CrossFit classes, but typically offers a discount when individuals buy multiple months up front.

*Any service member on active duty orders may workout for FREE while they are in the area.

The ultimate objective of this project is to establish relationships with high profile donors who are willing to cover long term membership costs so Wild Horizons CrossFit can facilitate honorably discharged veterans to workout at his gym for FREE!

In order to support this initiative, Ryan is asking for various businesses and third parties to contribute tax deductible, monetary contributions to the cause.

While the primary use of funds will be to cover the cost of veteran memberships, the secondary application of sponsored funds will be used to cover special equipment needs to support the influx of new members, contribute to events that support the mission of Project LOD, and cover other operational expenses of Wild Horizons CrossFit.

In exchange for sponsorship, Ryan wishes to establish a good working relationship with donors, and has plans to support their individual business efforts through various means.

Below is a list of sponsorship packages for the initiative:

***All packages include banner placement at the gym, discounted memberships for staff and employees, word of mouth referrals, logo placement on all social media platforms, including the main website, and frequent mentions via social media.

Note: Ryan is willing to work with potential sponsors if they wish to make their own package, or have other ideas in which their sponsored funds can be reciprocated.

Not interested in being a sponsor but still wanting to contribute?

Feel free to purchase 1 or more months for a veteran below!


Follow the links below to make a donation via Paypal:

“Honor, Courage, Commitment”

$1000 Sponsored Donation

12 Months Worth of Memberships For Veterans


“Honor, Courage Commitment”



“The Medal Of Honor”

$2000 Sponsored Donation



“The Medal Of Honor”



“The Stars and Stripes”

$3000 Sponsored Donation



“The Stars And Stripes”




One Month Of Unlimited CrossFit Classes For Military Personnel

My regular military rate for ONE month of unlimited classes is $100.



*Note: If you are not comfortable making a PayPal payment, contact Ryan Garcia directly and he will process your payment through ZenPlanner, his membership processing portal.

Ryan can be contacted via E-Mail: and by Cell: 970-691-2309

Ryan’s Tax ID Number Is: 46-2905165

Current Supporters of Wild Horizons CrossFit and the veteran athletes:

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 11.45.48 AM.png

*In our first year, the owner of NOCO Mechanical, Chaz Lauer, made a contribution that covered the cost of all of my current honorably discharged veterans to cover their memberships for the entire year. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 8.20.22 AM

Cyn French and Max Muscle Fort Collins. Cyn has supported all of my events with either a presence at the event offering products and samples, donating product and merchandise as prizes for my events, or simply by promoting my gym with social media shout outs! 

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 8.24.15 AMLOGOTYPE[1]

La Buena Vida and Los Tarascos are both Fort Collins businesses owned and operated by the same family. They have supported by gym events with monetary donations for equipment, gift cards for raffle, and have hosted numerous gym functions to promote welfare and recreation for my members. 

Dr. Dave Witt of Sunstone Health Associates has contributed his time to attend several of my events and offer his PT and Chiropractic services for my members. He has donated cash and gift cards to support my events as well. He is one of my highest recommended chiropractors in the area for my athletes.