March 17, 2017

Wednesday’s WOD:
As mentioned, since this week is National Police Week, the remaining workouts this week will be dedicated to those who serve in law enforcement.
Instead of focusing on the hero workouts that recognize those who gave their lives in the line of duty, I figured it would be more significant and more poignant to recognize individuals I know, who have had a positive impact on me.
Today’s workout is for my buddy Mat. 
He and his family have been members of my gym for almost 6 years now. 
They have been extremely loyal and supportive of my gym through many location changes and evolutions, and Mat specifically has been my longest running reliable workout partner to date. 
For the past few years Mat’s career path has changed the times he is available to come to the gym, making it only convenient for him to come during open gym hours.
We used that as an opportunity to focus on strength, strongman workouts, CrossFit Football workouts, and other miserable creations that I wouldn’t typically put a class through (A lot of bro sesh benching too). 
Today I would like to honor the selfless sacrifices he makes on a daily basis.
Mat, thank you for your service in law enforcement. 
I consider myself lucky to have you as a friend, workout partner, and member of my gym community. 
I am proud to know you!