Zen Planner

Hey grasshoppas, as some of you may have noticed, MindBody Online no longer exists for us! This was my system for scheduling and payments…some of you were better than others at using it, and some of you I told not to worry about it since I was switching over anyways. If you were an active member and had your email in my system, you should be receiving an email from Zen Planner, my new program for payments and scheduling, which will give you information on how to set up your account. Let me know if you have any problems with this. The site isn’t 100% ready for use yet. I still have to make sure all of my class times are added, and it will be another day or so before I can process credit card transactions. NOTE: None of your billing information was transferred over. I only took contact info and membership info. If you were on auto pay, or had a card on file, we will need to set this up again! Thanks for your patience as I continue to get this new system up to speed. I feel like it is more conducive to what we do here, and I think yall will like it a lot! Stay tuned for more!



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