Saturday May 7, 2016

Y’all are in for a treat this Saturday morning! Filling in for Coach G and Coach Jake this morning will be 3 not only stellar athletes, but quality coaches! Most of you know Connor “The Condor” Denney, but some of you may not yet have met Austin and Silas. All 3 of these individuals are Level 1 certified, and have coaching experience at different gyms prior to finding their way to ours. They were all gracious enough to agree to let their powers combine and lead the 9am class, 10am class, and 11am open gym. Condor has been an athlete of mine from way back in the Become Fit days, and Austin and Silas have recently expressed interest in a coaching internship as well as future employment as coaches at Wild. Needless to say I hope you offer them the same hard work that you offer me in class on a daily basis, and I would love it if you would share any feedback to them if you attend one of their classes! Enjoy the WOD, and enjoy your weekend!-Coach G

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