16.3 Makes Open History…

FINALLY! The people get what they have been asking for since 2013…BAR MUSCLE UPS!


This is the first open workout to have bar muscle ups since the open began in 2011!


This is a quicker workout than the last 2, and I am expecting another laid back atmosphere on Saturday morning.

I understand that for some it is SPRING BREAK, and the St Patty’s parade is taking place as well, but if you can still find time to come in early Saturday and do the workout, or support the athletes doing it, that would be much appreciated!



I will have the heat sign up on the whiteboard, and the gym is divided into lanes again so everyone will have a designated spot.


The workout is programmed to be short, but the harsh reality is it may be even shorter for athletes that don’t have bar muscle ups, and are still wanting to post an RX score. The most reps they will be able to post is 10. I strongly encourage these athletes to still come in, get their 10 RX reps, and then continue with either the scaled option of jumping chest to bar pull ups, or we can modify another way so everyone can still workout for the full 7 minutes. Please note that we will only post the reps that counted towards that respective division.



Here is the strategy video from The Outlaw Way:

As always, if you can’t make it in this Saturday, open gym is from 9am-11am on Sunday, and I will be at the gym all day on Monday for anyone wishing to do the workout or even give it a second try.

Family and friends are welcome to attend.


This is Open WOD 3 of 5…lets get it!






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