Just hours away from the announcement of the first workout of the CrossFit Open, 16.1! Hopefully you ALL still plan on signing up…but if not…there are still ways you can help and contribute.
For the next 5 weeks, every Saturday will be different than usual. There will still be 9am and 10 am time slots, but the “classes” will essentially blend together into one big class.
Everyone wanting to do the workout WHETHER YOU SIGNED UP OR NOT will be able to do so! If an athlete signed up for the open, they will need to be judged during their workout…this is not as big of a deal as people make it to be. You are counting someone’s reps, and ensuring proper range of motion…it’s really simple, and of course I will be around to help!
There is a judges course online that anyone can take, and will be extremely helpful for me if I had a handful of judges with this certification. It can be found on the games website, and the cost is $10 to take it. It is much easier than past judges courses, and I will help anyone if they need help with it!
Another way to contribute would be to come and cheer on your fellow athletes that are participating. As mentioned in my open post, this is meant to be a FUN time of year for our gym…so don’t be the pooper at this party!
There is STILL time to register if you haven’t done so yet! If you plan on signing up….but haven’t….hurry up!…If you know someone that isn’t planning on it… a little friendly peer pressure is helpful…I would hate for someone to NOT sign up, and then regret it when they see how much fun it is!
I will be watching the announcement at the gym in between the 515 and 615 class tonight. Come on by if you want to watch it with me!
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