October 19, 2015

Monday’s WOD:Hero WOD:



Run: 6x400m

AD: 6×40 Cal

Swim: 6x500m

Row: 6x500m

Rest: 1:1

Bench Press


10 Mins

Triple Under Practice
I would like to give a formal shout out to Denyse. She hit a final workout with us on Saturday before leaving for Wyoming, which will be her new home while she assists in the opening and development of CrossFit Leveler, a non-profit CrossFit gym with the focus of being a significant resource of a healthy community and lifestyle among members of her tribal community. This is a big commitment for Denyse, and it will be an extremely rewarding opportunity for her to do what she loves, and influence others through her passion of CrossFit. I am excited to see where this path takes her, and she will always have a home at my gym! Good luck, Denyse!


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