August 1, 2015

Remember, there are NO classes or open gym today! (Saturday) We have 4 teams competing at the Fitness Wars at PhitGym Loveland in Loveland. There is no timeline for the events as they will be decided tomorrow morning, so I would say for anyone that wants to catch the prime action, be there between 8-10am. I will post any updates as I get them! Here is a list of the teams we are sending:
“Girls Gone Wild”

Denyse Unique, Jenna Presley, Laura Whitney, Madison Williams
“Tyrannosaurus Flex”

Brandi Herring, Samantha Joy, Shayne Henry, Tamara Pickman
“Flexy Beasts”

Christian Hines ( From CrossFit Grenade), Drew Swanson, James Morgante, and Will Weirough
“Don’t TRI and get BI or get DELT with and TRAPT”

Alex Duff

Dusty Fabrizio

Jake Ritthaler

Ryan Garcia

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