See ya later…

A little transformation Tuesday post:Today was definitely one of those bittersweet days. I have expressed the same sentiment whenever an athlete of mine moves away or relocates…It sucks, and it is hard. Plain and simple. 
While I am truly excited for the opportunites that present themselves to my

athletes outside of the gym, I will genuinely miss the individual qualities they bring to my gym. 
Each athlete brings something unique that

makes my gym what it is. This is where the magic of the community can truly be found. 
Every athlete that comes through

my door has a story, a background, and I am very good at remembering little details of how each athlete started, as well

as significant experiences and achievements of theirs along the way. 
Today, I said “see you later” to not only one of my influential athletes inside the gym, but a very good friend and role model of mine outside of the gym. 
Nell, I definitely cannot express in words the significance of your presence in my gym. I gave each class today a small earful of your past, and how you have been a part of 

my growth as a gym/gym owner since the very beginning. 
Thank you for bringing positive energy to the gym, thank you for being a friend to everyone you met, and of course thank you for all of your hard work, but most importantly, thank you for trusting me, thank you for supporting my vision, and thank you for your patience with me over the years. 
Because of you, I will never forget how I started, where I came from, and how important the small details of what I do can mean so much. You will be missed. 



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