Heads up grasshoppas, last weekend the 1030 and 1130 classes were very slow…and by slow I mean…no one showed up…930 was a big class, and I am cool with that, but I am going to make an adjustment for the summer numbers we have. SO, there will be a 930 and 1030 class and 1130 will be open gym. HOWEVER, if 1030 is empty again, and no one shows by 1145, chances are we will shut down early. We will see how this goes, and adjust the times as weekend numbers improve.


Today was officially the last day to bring me payment for your tshirt order, but there is still time ONLINE if you want to do that! Log on to your mind body account, and in the products section you will see the option to purchase the shirts or tank tops. The price for each is $30, and you can pay with your card online. If you do this, please just tell me you did so, and let me know what size you want so I can add it to the total.

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