50 States In A Year

Hey grasshoppas, here is another date to put on your calendar: May 18th! Katie Arnold​ and Samantha Laufer​ will be at the gym to throw down a WOD, and raise support and awareness for their cause, “50 States In a Year”

Taken from their website, below is a brief description of what they do!

“50 States In A Year is a year-long charity fundraising tour where we travel to all 50 states in a single year while raising money for charity. As we travel to each state we visit different CrossFit boxes and host fundraising events. Through our partnership with Sweat Angels we’re able to give to a different charity every month and ultimately have an even bigger impact and change more lives!
As we travel the country and meet new people, we also hope to spread the health, wellness and fitness message. If we can stay healthy and active while on the road, then anyone can do it at home!”

The charity they will be raising funds for this month is through Habitat For Humanity International, with hopes of providing relief and shelter for Nepali earthquake victims.

They will be at the gym for the day on the 18th to raise awareness, answer questions, collect donations (done electronically at the gym), and of course join you all in a grueling workout! BE THERE!

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