Alright gang! Today is the day! The 2015 CrossFit Open begins! Tonight at 6pm the first workout for week 1 will be announced. So far we have just over 30 athletes who have signed up to participate. Laura Whitney andBre Baines have posted some great advice and insight into why YOU should be inclined to participate especially if you have yet to sign up. Here is my 2 cents (Actually it’s kind of long…so this may be closer to .99 cents…HA…”I got 99 reasons for why you SHOULD participate in the open…but being a LAME-O ain’t one….” Don’t worry I won’t list all 99 reasons, Bre already did that for me…). The most common excuses I have heard that are preventing people from signing up are, “I don’t have THIS/THAT movement/skill..” or “..Well…I can’t do THIS…and I can’t do THAT…” or one of the WORST excuses I have heard…”…I think I will wait until next year to participate when I am better…” :::BOOOOOO….HISSSSS!::: Let me take a second and harness my inner ROCK….wait for it…..”…IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU CAN OR CAN’T DO!…” I have said it every year…I don’t care if you have been an athlete of mine for 2 years…or for 2 days…EVERYONE should participate in the CrossFit Open! YES it gets bigger and bigger every year….YES it can bring out a competitive side in you that you didn’t know existed…YES you may spend an excessive amount of time refreshing your leaderboard to see where you rank…YES it can be frustratingly challenging and intimidating…YES….it be extremely humbling….BUT YES….it can be all of the above AND STILL be extremely rewarding at the same damn time! I tell all of my new athletes in their intro session that CROSSFIT can be WHATEVER you want it to be…and it NEEDS to be something that is SPECIFIC to YOU!…I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a goal/goals for yourself…I cannot express the need for developing a keen understanding of what is important to YOU and YOUR pursuit of a healthy lifestyle…Having that insight is the foundation of any successful endeavor….it will set the tone for how you approach not only your fitness endeavors…but your personal life pursuits as well….The CrossFit Open is NO DIFFERENT…it can be anything YOU want it to be…Will you be doing it to compete? Well guess what…you need to go in with the mentality of a competitor…Will you be doing it just for fun? Well guess what…you need to find a way to KEEP IT FUN FOR YOURSELF…Will you be doing it to simply be supportive of those you know who will be doing it for one of the first two aforementioned reasons? If so…understand that THIS role is extremely important…The competitors and just-for-funners will see YOU doing it, and will feed off of YOUR energy…do not underestimate the power of YOUR support!…and finally…are you doing it because someone else had to twist your arm into signing up and wouldn’t quit pestering until you did/do?….If that is the case…you can thank them later when it’s over…Go sign up…compete…have fun…support…twist someones arm to join you…and lets get it! If you smell what I’m cookin….


Alright grasshoppas, the first workout of the 2015 CrossFit Open was announced this evening! You have from NOW until Monday at 5pm to REGISTER if you haven’t already done so, DO the workout out (You may do it as many times as you want) and SUBMIT your score. So far this workout is a different format than we have seen before in past open workouts. This is the first time they have thrown a 1RM lift into the mix! All divisions need to do the 1RM Clean and Jerk at the end, but there are different scaling options, movement requirements, and weights for each division. Make sure and take note of those and let me know if you have any questions! The only OFFICIAL class times that we will be doing the Open workouts will be on Saturdays at our regular class times. (930, 1030, and 1130). HOWEVER, once the workout is released on Thursday nights, all the way up until the Monday it needs to be submitted, I will be more than happy to judge and accommodate the needs of ANYONE who needs to be judged. So if you cannot make it on Saturday. you can still come in WHENEVER YOU CAN to do the workout! We will make it work! The vibe on Saturdays is a lot of fun and that will be the day I need the most help with judging and volunteering. I will be sharing tips and updates and any other information I can find on a weekly basis for each respective workout, and I am always willing and able to help if you have any other questions or concerns about participating, or need any other accommodations for this Open season!

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