Oct 15, 2014

Wednesday’s WOD:
Happy Birthday Corson Cramer
Corson’s birthday is today, and instead of a B-day WOD we are doing a tribute WOD that he asked for! It is in memory of Kassilina Luellajo Schroeder:

“Kassi Schroeder was the owner of Lat 45 CrossFit in Salmon, Idaho, mother to two young daughters and wife of David Schroeder – a respected member of the Invictus online community. Kassi was diagnosed with AML (a type of leukemia) on October 18, 2013 and passed to Heaven September 27, 2014, at just 27 years old. For 11 months she endured endless, pain, nausea, exams, biopsies, scans, extremely toxic chemo treatment, 2 bone marrow transplants, and 8 months confined within the walls of a hospital cancer ward far from home and her beloved daughters. Although she suffered tremendously, her strength, courage, character, faith, beauty and love endured to the end. Unknown to anyone but herself, weeks before her passing, she created a family photo, and on it she placed the words, ”Life is Beautiful”, a message to the loved ones she leaves behind.”482812_10150689043793501_1942329574_n

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