Feb 28, 2020

Friday’s WOD:

Happy Birthday, Diesel!

Choose One

With many traditions at the gym, this is one of my favorites…a birthday workout for my dog, Diesel!

One of my favorite hero workouts is “Holleyman” It is 30 rounds of 5 Wallballs, 3 HSPU, and 1 Power Clean. Being one of my favorite rep schemes, for Diesel’s birthday in years past I would incorporate those numbers with different movements for his birthday (An example can be found on the WODWell Website) Because I like workouts on Friday to be 10 mins or less, I did a spin off of that concept with 30 Rounds but with a 3,2,1 rep scheme instead of the usual 5,3,1, and I had the other 2 workouts piggy back off of that. Enjoy!