Memorial Day

Before I dive into how our Memorial Day Murph event will roll, I feel like it is important to weigh in on a topic I have seen both sides of for the past few days in relation to this weekend.

To preface, the ultimate takeaway is to embrace YOUR purpose.

I’ve seen some negativity and back and fourth about the “purpose” behind Memorial Day weekend. Comments on what is the “right” and “wrong” way to celebrate/embrace it.

At the end of the day, I feel that it’s best left at, “to each, their own”.

The day may hold more weight or more significance to some more than others, and that’s ok.

Some may embrace the symbolism of the day more than others, and that’s ok.

The day may bring pain and grief to some, while others may not feel obligated to treat the day any different than the rest, and that’s ok.

It is a waste of time engaging in negative dialogue about what is “right” and “wrong” and an even bigger waste of time trying to impose YOUR purpose on others.

As a veteran, I have seen mixed reactions from within the veteran community. Messages expressing that the weekend isn’t about BBQs, drinking, and partying. Where on the other hand I’ve seen expressions that often times death is expressed as a celebration of life, and the fallen would want us to carry on in remembrance, yes, but also in good spirits.

I am on neutral ground.

Take time to reflect. Pay your respects. Take time to heal. If that is how you choose to mourn and cope, that is your purpose. Own it.

Have your BBQs, have your parties, drink and be merry. If that is your way to recognize, memorialize, pay tribute, or just APPRECIATE your own existence and personal liberties, that is your purpose. Own it.

The weekend is labeled as Memorial Day weekend, but some people don’t need a label on a day. They mourn, cope, appreciate, and pay respect multiple days throughout the year, if not year round.

Similarly, I’ve seen numerous posts about when it is and is not appropriate to thank a veteran. People saying Memorial Day is not the day to thank a service member or a veteran. I disagree to a certain extent. If ANYONE on ANY given day chooses to thank me for my service, I accept it in stride, and am appreciative for such recognition. For some people, these occasions serve as a reminder simply to say “thank you”.

I choose to accept this rather than offer a lecture of “appropriateness”.

Much like I mentioned before, some don’t need a specific day to thank a service member or veteran. They will go out of their way to do it regardless.

Again, it’s about owning your own purpose.

Different strokes, my friends.

Embrace what is yours, and the rest is just details to someone else’s purpose.

As a gym owner I try my best to remain as neutral as possible when it comes to political and religious climate. However, as veteran, those who know me know that I have a soft spot for the armed forces. Active, reserve, in training, retired, or fallen, I use my gym as a platform to pay homage to and support them all. That’s part of my cause. That’s part of my mission. This weekend highlights that as my purpose.

In lieu of this, we have embraced the annual Memorial Day tradition of paying tribute to Lt. Michael Murphy.

I found his workout on the mainsite before I was an official Crossfitter in 2009, and Memorial Day of 2010 was when I first did the workout at a CrossFit gym.

In a time where CrossFit as a whole has undergone a lot of changes, I find comfort in tradition. Murph on Memorial Day is one of the longest standing CrossFit traditions, and also happens to be one of my favorites.

Are there other heroes that gave their life the same day Murph did? Yes. Are their other heroes in general who are deserving of a tribute or a workout? Of course. However, I feel that “Murph” on Memorial Day is symbolic of that concept.

I encourage anyone and everyone to come do the workout.

As written, the workout is for time:

1 Mile Run


100 Pull Ups

200 Push Ups

300 Squats


1 Mile Run

The workout is meant to be done with a 20# vest or body armor, and the middle reps can be partitioned as needed. I repeat, the workout as originally written states that the middle reps can be split up as needed! You do not have to go straight through in order for the workout to be RX, and this workout is plenty challenging with or without a weight vest!

(In 2015 the CrossFit Games used Murph as one of the individual workouts. Ladies wore a 14# vest and everyone did it unpartitioned.)

On Monday (tomorrow), May 27th (Memorial Day) there will be 2 classes, and both will be dedicated to completing Murph’s workout.

The first class will be at 9am. Notoriously this class has always been the largest, usually housing 30+ people.

The second class at 10am has usually been about half the size, anywhere from 15-18 people.

Both class sizes are ok, and anyone is welcome.

Weight vests are limited, and are first come, first served. Bring your own vest if you have one, or bring a backpack that we can load with weight.

In closing, the purpose for tomorrow isn’t so much about setting a time.

The purpose for tomorrow is tribute, atmosphere, vibes, encouragement, and fun.

Come join in on the action, or there is still time to join me tonight (Sunday at 1150pm) for what I have dubbed as midnight Murph.