April 15, 2019


I had a decent amount of time yesterday to think about what I wanted to say in this year’s race day letter.

I wanted to find a balance of not being redundant and saying things you already know, or things that have already been said, but at the same time I wanted to find words to motivate, inspire, and convey a message of support, belief, and encouragement.

Last year’s message was easy. The talk was centered around the inevitable storm that would consume race day. I told you to be your own storm and harness that mentality from start to finish.

This year, I hear talk of the weather is similar, and while there may be moments of discomfort during the race, I hear conditions are expected to not be as extreme as they were last year. I looked at the Boston forecast and saw rain, with a chance of lightning and thunderstorms.

I was thinking of trying to spin this letter to be less about being an entire “storm” and more about bringing your own “lightning” and your own “thunder” to the race today…but that didn’t seem like the right message…mainly because I feel like your style is anything but flashy and loud.

YOUR preparation has been calculated and YOUR efforts have been dedicated. YOUR commitment has been personal and YOUR focus unwavering.

The journey to get here was YOURS.

It was YOUR process and YOUR consistency behind the scenes that set YOU up for success.

Today is YOUR day, and it doesn’t get much better than Boston.

As always, the pleasure has been mine watching YOU chase down YOUR dream.

So a more fitting and much more simple message this year:

Go run YOUR race.

I’m proud of YOU!

Love, Ryan


There’s a new forecast for Boston race day floating around the interweb…