Alright, alright, alright!

Here we go…19.5….







Yeah…very interesting workout choice for the finale, but, it is what it is, and we are back to our Saturday throwdown for this final week!

You can find the heat sign up sheet HERE:


You can find the workout details here:


The first heat starts at 840am, and the final heat will start at 1040am.

If you are unable to make Saturday, I will be in Sunday for open gym between 9am-11am, and you will have all day Monday until the submission deadline at 6pm to to your workout.

This Saturday is a bit more special, as we will have TWO guests in the house.

Former Wild Horizons member, master cookie baker, and DJ extraordinaire, Caleb “DJ Cal” Jeffres will be in the house dropping beats, and Brenna from Touching The Mind LLC will be the house as well offering a sample of her services.

Whether or not you are doing the open, you can sign up for a heat, or simply show up between 840am and 1040am, and we will get it in!

If you are nervous about the chest to bar pull ups, fear not…I will assist you with proper scaling and modifications so you can actually DO A WORKOUT that extends beyond just doing 33 thrusters.

So, don’t worry about the workout. Yes, it will be challenging, yes it will probably leave you very sore, but this is the final week, and I want all of you to finish what you started, and for those who haven’t signed up this go-round, I hope the past 4 weeks have been inspiring enough to make you want to join in on the fun when the Open comes around again!

We will be having an end of the open after party, but this will most likely take place next week on Saturday the 30th, as it will coincide with a send off/get together for Alissa and Dave Newman. More details to come on that!

See you all tomorrow!