Alrighty gang, check out the details so you are in the loop with what is going down for 19.4, as well as the schedule for this weekend.
FRIDAY I will have a regular class workout for those who just want to come and get a workout in.
I will also be able to get anyone through 19.4 as needed during classes in the morning.
We are doing our Flex Friday again like we did last week.
The class times are not officially there any more, but that normal block of time is.
SO feel free to show up any time Friday between 315pm-7pm if you are wanting to do a workout tomorrow…whether it be the class workout, or the open workout, 19.4.
I included a link of 19.4 in the comments.
Lucky for yall, if you have been in class this week, you should be plenty prepared for it!
I also included a heat sign up sheet if you plan on doing 19.4, whether or not you have signed up for the open, you can claim a spot. Last Friday the later heats were definitely more popular. Either way, plan on showing up tomorrow evening and we will get everyone through it.
The reason I am pushing Friday so hard this week is because THERE WILL BE NO CLASSES OR OPEN GYM ON SATURDAY…
There will be nothing Open related on Saturday either.
Coach Katie is lifting in her first sanctioned power lifting meet, and I will me with her that morning. If Saturday is legitimately the only day you can do the open workout, send me a message, and we can potentially work something out for later on Saturday. Otherwise, all day Friday, Sunday morning, and all day Monday are fair game to get 19.4 in.
Let me know if you need anything outside of those times, and we will roll with it!