Toys For Tots – Fill The Box This Weekend!

How’s this for a throwback Thursday?! As a 20 year old Corporal of Marines stationed abroad at the American Embassy in Beijing, this was my FIRST Toys for Tots experience. Along with the embassy community we coordinated a massive toy drive and delivered toys to 3 different orphanages in the city. A few years ago I brought the Toys For Tots collection effort to my gym! Last year we were able to fill 2 boxes with new toys! This year the supplies were in high demand, but last week our box arrived! Because we are running short on time, I wanted to make an impromptu “event” this Saturday. Although I am calling it an event, it is still a regular Saturday class, partner workout and all. I am calling it an event because I am inviting local gyms to participate as well! The entry “fee” is a toy! Even if it’s something from the dollar store, my goal is to have the box filled by the end of this weekend! A toy is NOT mandatory…again…this will be a regular Saturday class…but that is our cause, and I know I can count on y’all to come through! #toysfortots #toysfortots2018 #marinecorps #crossfit #holidays