Check it out!

Barbells For Boobs is TOMORROW!!! Show up tomorrow, Saturday Oct 20th, at 9am as usual.

I will have an opening address around 915am, and we will look to start the first wave around 930am.

I will not be leading a formal warm up, but I will absolutely help anyone that needs it with any variation that you choose to do! (Swipe to see the variations). It also does not matter your skill level, you can still participate!

There is no charge for the event, but I am treating it as a legit event for you all!

The gym will be decked out in pink, and costumes and swag are highly encouraged.

We will have a raffle, vendors, and it will be a fun time!

I expect the event will last about 2 hours in total, but you are not expected to stay the entire time, and you do not have to be present to win anything you raffle on.

Come in, support the gym, support the raffle, and MOST importantly support the cause!

We have the privilege of having 2 Barbells For Boobs representatives in the house with a booth of their own, and I am excited to show them how great our community is!

Although there are a handful of events taking place at the same time, the invitation is open to any other gyms, athletes, friends, and family members that would like to attend!

See you tomorrow!

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