Alright grasshoppas, some of you have heard the buzz about something coming up involving a 10 mile run, and 150 burpee pull ups. Alas, the rumors are true! This workout is a hero workout called “Clovis” and it has become a tradition at the gym almost as prominent as “Murph”. This workout began by request as a birthday workout, and it had such a great turnout that we have done it every year around this time since 2014.

The workout is a timed workout, and the objective is to complete a 10 mile run, and 150 burpee pull ups. Athletes are allowed to partition this workout however they want, and I cannot emphasize enough that there are PLENTY of scaling options to accommodate those who do not feel prepared to run a full 10 miles.

While there are a handful of individuals who opt to the the workout unpartitioned, that is NOT a requirement to participate.

I am planning on doing the workout VERY early Saturday morning by myself, and then opening the gym early (730am) for an early start for those who want to start earlier in the morning. The official “Class” is at 9am, but again, this will be a very informal class. Expect to show up, warm up on your own, and start on your own. All that I ask is no matter when you show up, please plan on being finished with at least your run portion by 12pm.

Normally the Saturday class runs from 9am-10am, so if that is all you have time for, you can still come and do something! Do some burpee pull up rounds, and hit some running intervals at a distance of your choice based on the hour of time you have. Some people run to the gym from their home. Some people have a GPS and map their own 10 mile course. Some people do rounds of 1 mile runs, 2 mile runs or 5 mile runs. This is all fine, and I encourage anyone and everyone of all ability levels to come and do SOME version of “Clovis” this Saturday.

We have the luxury of being close to Safeway, but I would still advise you to come prepared with food and drink for yourself. Even the night before, make sure you are well fed and well hydrated.

Rain is in the forecast for this Saturday, but I am hoping it won’t hit until the afternoon. Either way, rain or shine, I will be running it.

The course I have mapped out is a bit aggressive with some good hills and loops around our section of town. This course is not mandatory, and I do encourage people to collaborate and come up with alternate courses or plans as well. Let me know if you need help with this! If this is your first year doing it, or you aren’t prepared to try a full 10 miles, I would highly encourage you to run intervals close to the gym, and treat the gym as your “base” or “hub” for this workout. Run a bit, come check in, hydrate, do some burpee pull ups, and only repeat as long as your body still feels up to the task.

This is a fun workout, and a great challenge that I find is on par with the CrossFit mentality of being prepared and ready for the known AND the unknown.

That has always been my mentality with this workout. Who knows if a situation will ever present itself that I need to cover 10 miles at once. Granted I don’t train for that, and granted my time probably won’t be anything to write home about, it will get done. Hope to see y’all this weekend!

Note: The programming in the gym this week is conducive to supporting the task this weekend. So feel free to still come to class!