July 14, 2018

Saturday’s WOD:

Hero WOD:


If you have been following the news lately, you have heard about the dramatic rescue of a Thai soccer team and their assistant coach from an underground cave in Thailand. The cave flooded and left the team trapped deep within the cave for over 2 weeks.

A team of Thai Navy seals pulled off a very precise and calculated rescue mission to bring the team out one by one.

In the week leading up to the rescue, one Thai Navy Seal gave his life in the process.

CrossFit Chiang Mai contacted the family of the hero, and made the hero workout you will be doing today.

This is a pretty tall order for an individual athlete, so we will be doing it in teams Of 2.

The boys were trapped 3.2km in the caves and the 8x400m represents that distance.

The 13 represents the Thai team players and their coach, and the 17 represents the number of days they were trapped in the cave.


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