Coach’s Choice 18.3

So this week, my coach’s choice awards were no brainers for me. There were some HUGE PRs and amazing efforts by all of the athletes who came through to do this one, but there were a few efforts that stood out, that I would like to be rewarded.

This week was special. As mentioned, @fitaid and @jordanimal3f have been AMAZING at supporting all of my events, and making sure my athletes get hooked up. For that I am super grateful.

We have a fancy new FitAid fridge, and we will be carrying FitAid products going forward.

Also, y’all got a sneak peak into our Week 4 sponsors. 5280 Cryo. Dr. Matt Schick will be in for next Saturday’s event, but he offered to donate FREE CRYO PASSES for the remaining weeks of the open. I went for my first session on Friday, and it was AWESOME. More on that later.

So let’s start with the FitAid 4-Packs. I would like to give these to 2 athletes that I basically bullied into going RX. @bubba_stack and @artistj.bean Both had reservations about going for 100 Double Unders, but with a little harassment from yours truly, I convinced them to do it, and made it a point to be their judge so I could count and if necessary, Coach every rep. Neither one of them needed me, and both rose to the occasion and finished 100 reps WELL UNDER THE 14 MINUTE CAP!

Congrats you two, thank you for trusting me, thank you for pushing your limits, and thank you for calling my gym “home”.