Sign Up, Show Up

I was trying to condense all of my reasons for signing up for the 2018 CrossFit Open into just 7 simple reasons, but with this being my 8th year doing the Open, I figured there was just too much!

So instead, I am going to spoon feed what I have in small doses leading up to Thursday, and hopefully you will be inclined to get on board!

I have always waited until the last minute in an attempt to try and “rally the troops” mainly because I don’t want people to overthink it too much, or have room for too much back and fourth on whether or not they want to do it.

Be decisive, but also be ready to defend your answer if it is “No” because I (and others) will potentially try and sway you the other way!

The 2018 CrossFit Open starts this week, and you have until Monday at 6pm to OFFICIALLY sign up. There’s not a lot of time left to drop the hammer. I do that intentionally.

What exactly IS the CrossFit Open?

What does OFFICIALLY signing up mean?

What do you have to do?

What is the CrossFit Open?

Sidenote: It is “The CrossFit Open” or “The Open”…if you hear anyone say “The CrossFit Open’s” or “Opens” or “Hey, are you doing the Opens this year?”….you have permission to throat punch them…no matter how long you have been doing CrossFit…don’t be the one….but I digress…

The CrossFit Open is 5 weeks of online competition that is the beginning phase of competition performed AT THE LOCAL LEVEL, which is the first qualifying step for the Regional competition, which in turn qualifies athletes for THE BIG SHOW, the CrossFit Games.

What does OFFICIALLY signing up mean/entail?

To be official, you go to and create an athlete profile, associate yourself with the gym, sign a fancy waiver, and pay $20.


What does that $20 go towards? Basically all that the official registration and payment does is get you access to the leaderboard where you will be able to see your name if you submit your score on time every week….that’s it….I know…it’s a hard sell…but this is where I insert my speech about community, and participating in something bigger than yourself….blah blah…It’s just what you do if you are a CrossFitter.

It’s $20…if you need help paying for that, let me know…if you don’t want to officially sign up this year but still want to do it….I can dig it…I know there are other situations such as travel, injuries, or other life happenings that prevent people from signing up/participating. I am still pushing for max participation no matter what excuses you may have (which I will touch more on later), and there are plenty of ways to still experience the Open even if you can’t be swayed to participate (I will touch more on those later as well).

What do you actually have to do?

The way we are running the Open this year at our gym may be different than other gyms, but that’s the beauty of it, you will see different gyms handle this time of year differently.

This is how we do it:

For the next 5 weeks on Thursday night at 6pm, the workout for the week will be announced, followed by a live demo of athletes performing the workout to standards.

Once the workout has been announced, athletes doing The Open all around the globe have from then until Monday evening to perform the workout (as many times as they want) and submit a score.

AS A GYM, Saturday is the day we FORMALLY do the workout…meaning it is the workout of the day on Saturday.

I treat it like an event, I set up the gym to facilitate the workout, and I have a heat sign up sheet so people can allocate a time to come in and do the workout.

So for the next 5 weeks there WILL NOT be specific classes at 9am and 10am.

Depending on the nature of the workout and the length of the workout will dictate how big the heats are and how long the morning might take.

If you cannot make it on a Saturday, THAT IS OK, and SHOULD NOT be a reason you don’t sign up or seek to participate. I am 100% willing and prepared to take ANYONE through an open workout WHENEVER they have time to do so. Pretty much any time of day I will adjust my schedule to accommodate people who want/need to get it done…just let a brotha know and we will roll with it!

So literally…all you need to do is 1. Sign Up (if you want to) 2. SHOW UP….that’s it…it will be the workout of the day anyway on Saturday, so if you are regular on Saturday morning, you are going to do it regardless…but if your schedule doesn’t allow for a Saturday workout…just let me know when you can do it, even if it needs to be during a regular class in place of a regular workout…that is fine too! So don’t over think it…it’s that simple…Sign Up, and Show Up…DO IT!

More info to come….stay tuned!