Condensed Schedule This Week

At the end of this week there is a bit of a condensed class schedule.
Jenna is lifting at the American Open Finals in Anaheim, California on Saturday! (Stay tuned for more info to come on that).
I will coach the morning classes on Thursday, then Katie will cover the rest of the day.
Along with Thursday afternoon/evening classes, she will also be covering ONE class on Saturday at 9am.
If you haven’t met Katie yet, she came from California and joined our gym as an athlete in August. Not only is she an exceptional athlete, she has a wealth of coaching experience and knowledge as well. She has done a great job meshing with my members over the past few months, supporting my gym community, and has been amazingly patient with me as I have been slowly integrating her into a coaching role. You can definitely expect to see more of her!
Austin will be covering my classes all day on Friday.
Austin has subbed for me numerous times, and I am 100% confident and trusting in both his and Katie’s abilities to provide effective and quality coaching.
As always, please be respectful of their time and support of the gym in my absence.
PLEASE take note of the cancellations on Friday and Saturday.
Let me know if you have any questions!
-Coach G
Condensed Schedule.jpg