June 10, 2017

UPDATE:I told most of the classes yesterday, but just a reminder that there is only ONE class today, Saturday, at 9am.
The workout is to run a 5k for Time.
Before you snub this workout, I would like you to reconsider.
Today is also the Sombrero 5k Run hosted by La Buena Vida, in order to help raise funds for Childsafe. 
Childsafe is a non-profit organization that helps families and children in northern Colorado recover from and cope with abusive situations and backgrounds. 
Today’s workout is in honor of their mission.
I wrote the link to their website on the whiteboard in the gym if you would like to make a donation to their cause. Feel free to donate whether or not you plan on coming to the gym, and whether or not you plan on running. 
Below is the event page for their run, and there is still time to register this morning if you wish to actually participate in their event instead.
Otherwise, bring your running shoes and your headphones, and get it done at the gym! 
Alyssa will be in the for one class at 9am, and open gym from 10am-12pm will follow!