May 19, 2017

National Police Week 2017
Today’s workout is another special one. 
This one is for Sgt. Francis Gonzales. 
A few weeks ago I saw the article in the Coloradoan about how he is retiring after over 35 years of service for the Fort Collins Police Department. 
I had the privilege of growing up down the street from Mr. Gonzales and his family, and although it has been a while since I have been in contact with them, I am reminded of the significance he had in my life at a young age. 
He was an extremely positive influence through the Fort Collins Heat basketball program, which at a young age I was very into. That was where I first learned of his nickname “Paco” and I may in fact still have a poster with his autograph on it. 
Through elementary school and junior high was where I had the most contact with him. He was like a big brother to me, always cracking jokes, flexing his biceps, honking his horn and waving at imaginary people while cruising in his under cover squad car, making me say “uncle” with occasional pressure points and he made it his mission to randomly tell people how much I resembled Joe Girardi.
I remember watching him make an arrest after a traffic stop, and thinking he was the coolest guy ever. 
He was the first “real” police officer I knew outside of my favorite TV show at the time, Rin Tin Tin K9 cop.
His laughter is contagious, his character impeccable, his faith unbreakable, and the impression he made on me at a young age will definitely exceed his physical service, and that is extremely valuable. 
Thank you for your service in law enforcement, and in life, Mr. Gonzales!