17.5 Sign Up

Here is the sign up sheet for heats on Saturday for 17.5! The workout is FOR TIME with a 40 minute time cap! I made the heats in 20 minute intervals, but I would say plan on their being a +/- 10 minute window to when you will actually be able to go. The objective will be to try and stay as close to your desired start times as possible. The way I will do this is have judges with individual stopwatches and times to get people started as people finish. If it works out where we can start heats on exact times, we will do that, but if we start falling behind, we will continue with staggered starts until everyone is through! I put 6 slots because I feel that will be the most judging support I can have at any given time. If a time slot that you need fills up before you can get to it, let me know and I will make arrangements to get you in with, or as close to that heat as I can! ALSO, please make sure to annotate if you will be doing RX or Scaled! The scaled workout is the SAME REP SCHEME, but with lighter reps and single unders. If you feel like you want to tackle RX, make sure you can handle the THRUSTER weights first and foremost, and if you have double unders, however intermittent they may be, go ahead and plan on jamming it out RX! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VPHYb8ALQk8Tbg8tSPF8jTq_ugPhUboKTwaApFrif2w/edit?usp=sharing