WEEK 4! We are officially over the hump of the Open! Congratulations to everyone who has stuck with it, keep the momentum going!

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As anticipated, this week is a repeat workout from last year’s 16.4 workout.

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You can find the details and movement standards for it here:

Sign up for a heat here:

If you would like to review my write up from last year, you can find it here:

I am not going to go into much depth with this post.

I will hit the highlights:


This workout has the potential for you to be lifting heavy deadlifts for a lot of reps!

Take care of your backs! I am confident that we have built up to being well prepared for this, but still, I 100% encourage you all to challenge yourselves, but please ensure that you show up plenty early before your heat time to ensure a good warm up, and I will watch closely over your form throughout the workout to ensure you aren’t putting yourself in compromising positions.



Friends don’t make friends call no-reps…wallball shots are one of the most notorious movements in the open where people get tired, the range of motion has the potential to get sloppy. Don’t do that.



A HUGE thank you to Frank the Tank, Mike McEvoy, Michael Horner, Kim Homolka, and Bruce Hilty, for letting us borrow their personal rowers to allow for bigger heats! Make sure to thank them as well if you see them! (Make sure and say, “Good game..”)



There is a “new” standard for the HSPUs this year in the open, and that requires you to keep your hands within a 3 foot x 2 foot rectangle. I say this is “new” because it is new in the open, but shouldn’t be new to you, since I have been telling you all to practice that in our regular workouts for the past year! The handstand push up standard is very tough with the line on the wall, I will do the best I can to help you understand how to be successful in your set up. For those of you that DO NOT have HSPU, again, you have options, if the deadlift weight does not deter you from going RX, I would still recommend going RX and trying to get to the HSPU as quickly as you can. If you are close to your first RX HSPU, we will get there and try them. If you are not close, your RX workout will be over at that point.


You are allowed to use ab mats for your head if you would like, as long as it is the competition set up with a level surface on either side of the mat, so your hands are still level with your head. Understand that just because you may use the abmat, that is not a green light to start bouncing your head off of it for more momentum. I typically avoid the ab mats in class workouts because it is my preference that you work to develop control to the bottom, rather than risking hurting your head or neck in coming down with too much momentum.


The scaled division offers lighter deadlift and wallball weights, but also has hand release push ups instead of handstand push ups. The standard is for STRICT push up with NO worming off of the ground. This may be another hard one to abide by, especially when you are tired, but we will make sure you are doing them correctly when you get there!


The master’s division has push presses with light weight barbells. So make sure you warm up and plan accordingly with the correct weights.

Warm Up:

Many of you have asked about how to properly warm up for this one.

Here are some of my favorite warm ups and dynamic stretches that I pull from for myself, and for the classes:

30 Mins Prior:

5 mins of light jogging or jump rope to get warm


Glute Activation exercises – 1-2 Minutes of 3-4 exercises from the link below:


Catalyst Warm Ups:

Matt Chan 7 Min Warm Up:

Deadlift Warm Up:

Start LIGHT and make small jumps. Hit 3-5 touch and go reps with the lighter weights, 2-3 reps with heavier weights, continue with singles until you feel good, then hit a 3-4 touch and go reps at your workout weight mixed in with some wallball reps and handstand support holds.

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Workout Specific Warm Up:

Mix some wallball reps with HSPU reps to familiarize yourself with the targets on both

Here is The Outlaw Way strategy video (it is the same from last year…obviously)

<p><a href=”″>Outlaw Way – 16.4 Strategy and Tips</a> from <a href=””>The Outlaw Way</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

The gym will be set up to support a convenient workout space for everyone.

Shay Manzara will be in the house taking professional quality photos.

Dr. Witt from Sunstone Health Associates will be in at 830am as our week 4 sponsor.


If you have never had the chance to meet with him, I would highly recommend you find time before or after your workout to visit with him. He will most likely not be hanging around much later than noon, so plan accordingly!

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As always, friends and family are welcome to attend and spectate!

See you all tomorrow!