Week 3 Sponsor For Our 17.3 CrossFit Open Announced!

Check out our week 3 sponsor for the CrossFit Open workout 17.3!
McClellan’s Brewing Company!
Jessica Bean put me on to some knowledge of something called “St Practice Day”. I had never heard of the concept, but the idea is you go out BEFORE the actual St Patty’s day in order to “practice” for the real deal.
She originally wanted to make it a separate gym gathering, but I figured since St Patty’s falls on a Friday, it would be hard to get people out before the Saturday Open workout to participate.
SO we are doing our own version of St. Practice Day THIS Saturday after our in house open workout event! The specific time is TBD, but they are hooking us up with $3 pints, and free soda for my athletes that aren’t of age.
Word on the street is their food exceptional!
Check out their website to look over everything they have to offer!
Week 3 Sponsor.jpg