G-Force Books

My Dad. 


My hero.


My inspiration to be better, do better, and inspire those around me to do the same. 


I assume you have found your way to this website because you have been inspired by my father in one way or another.

I am honored and happy to provide the means of a one-stop, hassle free outlet where you can purchase copies of his books.

Please contact my father if you have any questions about your order, or his books.

Please contact me if you have any questions about CrossFit 🙂 

My Dad and I appreciate you stopping by.

“Go get today – Live life full force”



*Please double check the shipping address versus your billing address when making your purchase.

*Contact my dad directly via email at


if you want a signed copy of your book!

“Wanna Know A Truth?: A Simple Man’s Search for the Truths in His Life”

Tony Garcia discovered the truths found in his daily reader, Wanna Know a Truth?, through his own search for happiness and self-realization. He began penning daily pieces about life, love, and lessons as he attempted to qualify for the Boston Marathon after the bombings in 2013. He documented his personal and professional struggles, successes, and growth. It is these daily writings that eventually evolved into Wanna Know a Truth? Garcia has been a public middle school teacher for twenty-six years and has raised four children of his own. The combination of the two vocations has added immeasurable depth to his journey and his reflections. When he is not running, writing, parenting, or teaching, Garcia enjoys golf and CrossFit and is a coach and motivational speaker.


“Whispers From My Heart: Learning to Quiet the Noise”

In the follow-up to his breakout motivational book Wanna Know a Truth?, Tony Garcia expands his inspirational collection of hope, love, growth, and happiness with a 365-day intentional living masterpiece. Every day, we are surrounded by chaos and noise—the constant chatter of social media, the barrage of negativity from the television and radio, and even our internal struggles of worry and regret. Our thoughts can quickly become scattered and scarred. Whispers from My Heart: Learning to Quiet the Noise teaches us to take a step back and appreciate the good in life. We have to find peace within ourselves and foster peace around us in order to fulfill our purpose. With each daily intention, motivational speaker Tony Garcia gives us a chance to pause and reflect, forgive, and just breathe in a fast-paced world that demands so much of our time we often forget that to take care of others, we must first take care of ourselves. An eclectic and inspirational collection of poetry, monologues, stories, and prayers, Whispers from My Heart centers around the presence of hope and the importance of truth.


“The Bundle: Wanna Know a Truth? AND Whispers From My Heart”

Both books at a discounted rate!


4 thoughts on “G-Force Books

  1. It’s been such a joy following your journey and I love the thoughtful posts you share! Wishing you all the best and hope our paths cross in Boston since we missed Chicago, MCM and NYC. Haha!

  2. I love Tony’s words of wisdom and his inspiration to so many people and how he makes sure he engages with all who follow him.

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