G-Force Books

My Dad. 


My hero.


My inspiration to be better, do better, and inspire those around me to do the same. 


I assume you have found your way to this website because you have been inspired by my father in one way or another.

I am honored and happy to provide the means of a one-stop, hassle free outlet where you can purchase copies of his books.

Please contact my father if you have any questions about your order, or his books.

Please contact me if you have any questions about CrossFit 🙂 

My Dad and I appreciate you stopping by.

“Go get today – Live life full force”



*Please double check the shipping address versus your billing address when making your purchase.

*Contact my dad directly via email at


if you want a signed copy of your book!

4 thoughts on “G-Force Books

  1. It’s been such a joy following your journey and I love the thoughtful posts you share! Wishing you all the best and hope our paths cross in Boston since we missed Chicago, MCM and NYC. Haha!

  2. I love Tony’s words of wisdom and his inspiration to so many people and how he makes sure he engages with all who follow him.

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