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We inspire limitless development

high quality coaching

To ensure proper form and technique

safe & supportive community

That encourages progress and personal growth

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do you...

worry about not knowing what to do at the gym?

Our simple and systematic approach will help you build confidence. 

feel nervous about starting crossfit? 

I will keep you safe and injury free.

lack direction, motivation, or support?

I get to know you as a coach and as a friend. I will help you navigate the ups and downs of life in and out of the gym.









The W.I.L.D. in Wild Horizons CrossFit stands for

"We Inspire Limitless Development"

To inspire limitless development means to motivate and encourage individuals to continuously strive for growth, improvement, and success without being limited by their current abilities or circumstances. It involves creating an environment and providing the necessary resources that allow individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. The aim is to foster a sense of possibility, and to help individuals see that their growth and development are not limited by external factors, but instead are determined by their own determination, effort, and dedication. My role is to help make that connection.



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There is structure and thought put into the programming, and my ability to create group, personalized, scaled, or specialty programming is a skill I intentionally worked to improve on ever since I started coaching 14+ years ago.


My flexibility with times and how I let people access the gym is different from most gyms in the area.


Yes, CrossFit is group fitness, but with how I interact with individuals and accommodate to their needs is another aspect that sets me as a coach apart from others.








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 2561 South Shields Street Unit 3 E Fort Collins, Colorado 80526