Coach G’s Veteran’s Day Challenge

Last year I did 100 burpees every hour on the hour for 24 hours to celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday, and Veteran’s day, but also to promote awareness for PTSD and mental health issues within the Veteran community.

At the gym, my own initiative is called Project L.O.D. and it is meant to support the veteran community in Northern Colorado in providing free gym memberships at my gym for veterans with honorable discharges.

The way I have made this program work for over 5 years is by seeking annual 3rd party individuals and businesses to sponsor those veteran memberships at my gym.

On my Project L.O.D. page you can find options to contribute year round with a monthly amount and a yearly amount, and I always accept any other contribution in between.

Last year my burpee effort raised around $2500 for Project L.O.D. memberships.

This year I want to DOUBLE that number, so here is my challenge:

The sum of 1-100 is 5,050.

I am trying to receive a sponsor for every dollar amount in that range which will equal $5,050.

The plan is to then complete that amount of calories on the Rogue Echo Bike this Sunday, November 13th. I will complete the 5,050 calories incrementally by starting at 100 calories, and working down to 1 calorie.

The best way I thought to make this work is by creating a public spreadsheet that can be edited by anyone who wants to make a sponsored contribution to the cause.

The best way to edit the spreadsheet is to have the sheets app on your phone, and you should be able to input your name next to the dollar amount or amounts you wish to cover (You are welcome to sponsor multiple amounts). Then, you can make your contribution via PayPal to

If you don’t have PayPal, you can make a contribution via Zelle at 970-691-2309 or to Venmo @RyanGarcia123

If you are having a hard time with the spreadsheet, you can text me directly at 970-691-2309 or message me on Instagram and let me know what you would like to do, and I can take care of the spreadsheet.

If you just want to make a general donation outside of the spreadsheet, you can do so as well.


Lets get it!

Semper Fi!

-Coach G


$5,050 Dollars To Calories

Here is a link to a PayPal button that you can choose to use to make your contribution. You can always send directly from PayPal without using this button, but this button is set for $1 dollar, and you can adjust the quantity to reflect the number you chose on the spreadhseet, or a random number if you just want to make a general contribution.

$5,050 Dollars To Calories


Here is a link to the general Project L.O.D. web page: