Clovis 2016

Clovis 2016.jpg

One of the more daunting traditions we have adopted this time of year has been completing the Hero WOD “Clovis” as part of the regular programming.

It started in 2014 when Michael Horner asked to have that be his birthday WOD.

He requested maybe I put it out on a Sunday for people to come do it with him. I figured that would be no fun, and made it a Saturday class workout. I announced the workout, and essentially challenged people to come and do it. More people showed up than I expected, and it was a blast.

In 2015 I figured people might not be as up for the challenge as they were in 2014.

I was wrong…almost DOUBLE the amount of athletes showed up!

IMG_2674 (1).png

So here we are again…2016…a new location…new potential run routes…who is going to come get some this go round?!

Don’t be afraid of this workout. There are still plenty of modifications and scaling options.

As for the flow, there won’t be official class times. It will be show-and-go like it was last year. I will be at the gym by 830am if anyone wants to come and get an early start. All I ask is that you try and be done by 1230pm at the latest. So show up whenever you want between 830-1030am, and we will get it done!

The workout can be partitioned into shorter runs. I have some courses plotted out, but if you have a GPS tracker for running you can bring that and make your own distances as needed.

I wouldn’t worry about doing anything crazy the night before to prep, just make sure you are well hydrated with water and electrolytes! If you want to bring food and drink to the gym as well that would probably be a good idea.

I’ve spoken on this every year, and as long as we do this workout I will continue to mention it:

Although I tease about and make light of this workout to encourage people to show up, it represents an individual who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service of and for his country. It is only fitting that we endure a struggle to pay tribute to him, as well as the men and women who continue to do the same.