Get Your 17.1 Scores In

Tomorrow is the last day to get 17.1 in if you haven’t done it yet, or are looking to redo it! Your score needs to be submitted no later than 6pm!
ALSO, this is important…when you signed up for the open you should be registered under the Wild Horizons affiliate, but I ALSO need you to assign yourself to the WIld Horizons TEAM…in years past I have always been able to manually add people…this year with all of the website changes, I am no longer able to do so.
Please note they are having technical difficulties with their website, so if you have already tried to submit your score and encountered errors, “they” are aware of it and are working on fixing it!
I will validate scores tomorrow throughout the day, and I will pester you if we get closer to the submission deadline, and I still don’t have your score…so get them in ASAP!
Let me know if you have any questions, the link on how to submit your scores is included below: