17.1 – Let’s Do This…



We heeded Dave Castro’s dumbbell warning, and Thursday night they were announced as part of the workout for CrossFit Open Workout 17.1!


A month ago, we did not have any dumbbells.


Knowing that I would need them for the open, but being unsure of the quantity was a bit unnerving.


However, I have some awesome members who came through BIG TIME for the gym.


Alissa Ackerman’s parents purchased a few sets of dumbbells for us, and my Dad paid out of pocket for OVER HALF of the dumbbells that we now have to our disposal! I thanked my Dad, but “thanks” doesn’t always do justice to the way he supports me!


So we have dumbbells, we have boxes…let’s talk the workout….

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 1.10.28 AM.png

Not only is the first appearance of dumbbells, this is also the first time in Open history the FIRST workout is one FOR TIME and not an AMRAP.

As mentioned previously, I will do whatever I can to ensure everyone that has registered for the Open will get this workout in as many times as they want, and whenever they need between now and Monday night at 6pm for the submission deadline.

Saturday is the ONLY day between now and Monday that we will be doing it AS A CLASS.

Saturday is event day, and will be for the next 5 weeks.

The time slot will still tentatively be from 9am-12pm, depending on how long the workout is each week (this week it has a 20 min cap).

Some Saturday events may go shorter or longer. This week has the potential to run multiple athletes in a heat, so it will come down to judging power. Any and all help with judging and volunteering is greatly appreciated!

I am planning on the first heat to start at 915am. This doesn’t mean EVERYONE has to show up at 9am. I prefer people show up in waves throughout the morning around the time they want to perform the workout. If you are used to coming at 9am, come around 9am, if you are used to working out around 10am, come around 10am, if you normally come for open gym and workout then, come around 11am.

Depending on when people show up, and who wants to go, I will set up a heat list and sign people up to go! If you have a significant commitment and have to be somewhere, let me know, and I will make sure to get you in an early heat!

If you are not signing up for the Open, first, I will make this face at you:


…But I will still accommodate you on Saturday morning, so don’t be afraid just because the format is different, it is still a “class”, it is still a workout, and you should still come do it…and who knows…maybe doing the workout will convince you to actually sign up!

Max Muscle is our week 1 sponsor, and they will be in house offering samples, handing out goodie bags to all of the participants, and raffling a grand prize goodie bag to one lucky recipient!



The gym is set up to support the workout, and everyone will have a designated workout space. There will be no formal warm up, but I am allowing 7-10 mins between each heat for athletes to warm up on their own, and make sure they are familiar with their workout area.


I will review the workout individually with each athlete and each judge every Saturday to ensure EVERYONE is on the same page with movements, standards, and scoring. I would still highly encourage everyone participating to read over the references of each workout on their own, and maybe even watch the videos beforehand so they know exactly what to expect.

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 1.16.55 AM.png

You can find standards for 17.1 here:



Also, social media is a great tool around the CrossFit Open because there is no shortage of technique videos, and workout analysis videos. Typically, Rudy Nielsen from The Outlaw Way posts some of my favorite breakdowns, and I will usually share it in posts similar to this, along with other insights that may prove to be helpful to optimize your success.


Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 1.40.45 AM.png

At the end of the day, you are going to have to perform no matter what the strategy is, but during the CrossFit Open where you have the opportunity to create ideal situations for yourself to succeed, it is optimal to take advantage of that!

Get pumped up! What is about to take place in our gym for the next 5 weeks is a small piece of something much bigger than the confines of our walls. It is personal accomplishment, community involvement on a global scale, and prime opportunity to be united through the pursuit of both!


See you all in the gym!