March 21, 2015

Saturday’s WOD:

HERE WE GO! 15.4! Believe it or not, this workout is GROUNDBREAKING for the CrossFit Open. This is the first time since the first open in 2011 that HQ has put handstand push ups in an open workout! It is exciting, yet a bit intimidating at the same time. The standard is proving to be very challenging, yet it presents the opportunity for a great learning curve, and another great way to test your skills, or potentially light a fire for you to learn and practice something new! So just like the muscle ups last week, don’t let these handstand push ups scare you away from coming in tomorrow, throwing down, having fun, supporting your fellow athletes, and creating a great vibe that makes this place what it is! See you all tomorrow! Judges and volunteers are always appreciated, especially at the 930am class!