July 4, 2015

Hey grasshoppas, there will be ONE class on Saturday morning at 930. Yes, it will be a hero workout, yes, it will be a nasty one, and YES you should probably plan on it taking longer than the normal hour. I will be there to get the class started, but then Jenna Presley will be there to see you through. Be there at 930…be ready to show and go! Bring your running shoes and music of you want! Happy Independence Day!



July 1, 2015

Wednesday’s WOD:
Shout out to David Sender​. Monday was his last WOD with us. He is taking off on a road trip before settling in at a new job that will land him either in Arizona or Florida. It was awesome having someone with his athletic back ground and expertise in my gym, and I learned a lot from him just by watching him move (that sounded creepy, but whatever, deal with it…he is way too humble so now that he is leaving I have to put him on blast…if you haven’t YouTubed “David Sender” yet… you are missing out…) His good nature and positive attitude will be missed. Don’t be a stranger, David! Best wishes and good luck!