The “F” WORD……

I was dropping the 4-letter-F-bomb a lot yesterday…..that’s right…”FRAN”….It is that time of year again! It is our yearly tradition to re-test the infamous benchmark WOD “Fran” on or around Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, so to ensure max participation “Fran” will be the workout of the day ALL DAY Friday the 12th, for every class! I am planning on doing it during open gym at 10am if anyone wants to join me! Y’all should start mentally preparing meow…and if you don’t know about “Fran”….as a wise man once said, “you gon’ learn today….”


Fran 2016.jpg

Feb 07, 2016

Open gym is still in full effect from 9am-11am.
Congrats to our 3 teams who competed today at the Bumper Plate Date!

Team Thick Biscuits finished 6th
Team Jam and Jelly finished 9th
Team Salute the Glutes finished 23rd

Each team hit some great lifts, and showed impressive effort in the workouts as well!

The competition was for a good cause, and I am proud of everyone who represented in competition, as well as those that came to support as spectators!

(This image was created by Jared’s daughter after the competition)


Feb 06, 2016

There is only ONE workout tomorrow at 9am.
10am will NOT be a class, but Jenna will be there for open gym time.
We have 3 teams representing Wild at Big Thompson CrossFit for the annual Bumper Plate Date competition.
Coach G will be heading out there after the 9am class. This is a local competition, and should be fun to watch and support!
Head out there and cheer them on!
Good luck, grasshoppas! Do good things!
Wild BPD.jpg